Are You "Fine"?

From the outside, it might seem like you’re getting along just fine, doing well, or the very picture of success. Yet despite appearances, you're dealing with the same familiar issues you've dealt with for years, like anxiety, depression, lack of confidence, low self-esteem, or feelings of worthlessness. You might feel like you're treading water or don't know what to do with your life, or your relationships may seem imbalanced and disconnected.

Over the course of our lives, we develop habits and patterns that help us cope and get along. However, those same learned patterns and habits that once worked and were needed to survive can inhibit us from thriving and fully living our lives – from genuinely connecting with ourselves and others. It takes work and commitment to become aware of our patterns and their effects, and with new awareness comes choice and the opportunity for change.

I provide individual and group therapy to women and men who see therapy as an opportunity to expand their self-awareness and engage in a productive process of discovery and profound healing. My role as a therapist is to help you recognize the patterns you've developed in adapting to the world around you, and reveal the inner resources and resilience you already possess.

Areas of Expertise

Trauma and PTSD
Low Self-Esteem
Women's Issues

The Benefits of Gestalt Psychotherapy

The effects of therapy show up in big and small ways. The work we do can help alleviate symptoms of depression, reduce anxiety, eradicate panic attacks, and improve sleep and mood. It can help you create more connected relationships, communicate more effectively, and replace once-useful coping skills that are no longer working with new ways of operating in the world.

You may find yourself changing jobs, starting your own business, or speaking up with renewed confidence. You might have the clarity to end an unhealthy relationship or enter into a new one. I've seen clients experience immense relief in letting go of self-loathing, quieting the harsh and judgmental inner-critic, learning to like (and love) themselves, and letting others in. I've watched them choose big life adventures as part of a new way of living as an integrated whole.

“The therapist’s job is to invite clients into an active partnership where they can learn about themselves by adopting an experiential attitude toward life in which they try out new behaviors and notice what happens.”
(Perls, et al.)

Individual Therapy

Gestalt therapy requires commitment over time. Many of my clients work with me for a period of years in an ongoing process of self-discovery, unveiling parts of themselves they didn’t know were there and making changes they didn’t know were needed.

I offer one-on-one therapy to adult women and men, age 19 and over, to clients in New York, North Carolina, Texas, and Washington State. Individual sessions take place via a secure telehealth platform, and are 50 or 90 minutes in duration. Half-day intensive sessions are also available, and I offer in-person “walk and talk” and outdoor therapy sessions in Central North Carolina.

We begin with a 20-minute discovery call to find out if we're a good fit. If we decide to work together, we'll schedule our first full session.

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Group Therapy

I offer specialized group therapy sessions throughout the year to address a variety of concerns. Group offerings include:

- Gestalt Group Therapy

- Gestalt Group Therapy for Women

- Gestalt Group Therapy for Women in Perimenopause and Menopause

“Contact” is the lifeblood of growth, and we make contact by using all our senses in the moment. When contact is healthy, we're fully interacting with nature, our environment, and one another, while retaining our sense of individuality. There can be many disturbances to contact, and relationships provide an opportunity for these disturbances to be known and understood.

The Group Experience

Within the Gestalt group experience, group members become aware of fixed patterns, self-interruptions, and other barriers to living their life in a way that’s connected and authentic. Within the group, members can explore these disturbances to achieve fuller awareness, and experiment with developing new patterns. Gestalt group therapy is an interpersonal relations laboratory, where the emphasis is on the immediacy of discovery and experimentation within a group context, guided by a therapist who is skilled in navigating and supporting both the individual and group process.

Sometimes the experiments between people are brief, while other times they play out over long periods. At times, the awareness that presents itself is of minor patterns, while at other times, it’s of major core issues. Whatever the case, this interpersonal laboratory provides an opportunity to develop the necessary awareness, muster the necessary courage, and make the choice to experiment with something new. Results happen in segments that are intense, dramatic, and carry a strong quality of importance for the individual(s) involved.

As a group therapist, these moments have an exhilarating, exciting, and inspiring effect for me. Often my most creative work – experiments that I never planned – arise, emerging organically from the live situation.

Please contact me to let me know your particular area of interest for group therapy, and I’ll keep you updated on my latest offerings.

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